Deva certified curly hair stylist and salon owner, Gerri Curtis


Gerri has been in the hair industry for over 20 years.  She has been referred to as a “Curl Expert,” “Curl Guru,” “The Girl To Go To If You Have Curls” and “The Curl Fairy.”  She has a passion and love for naturally curly hair.  Gerri started her career in high school and got her license before she even graduated.  During college she took more art classes than academic classes and of course did everyone’s hair.  It was then she realized that her passion in hair is what she loved.  She worked for a company where she was an educator for the color department and was on their artistic team which gave her the opportunity to travel and learn from some of the best in the industry.

Deva certified curly hair stylist and salon owner, Gerri Curtis with flowers

In 1999, she became an Independent Contractor at several salons.  She continued to learn and grow her passion for hair.  In 2004, she met Lorraine Massey at a hair show in New York and became obsessed with curly hair.  Working on curly hair, Gerri noticed the frustrations clients had and realized the clients needed training & education.

In 2005, she attended Deva Concepts first certification class led by Lorraine Massey and Shari Haribinger and became a Deva Certified Stylist, stepping into the DevaChan Salon inspired her to open a Curly Hair Focused Salon in Houston, TX, and what better name than Planet Curls.  She is on a curly hair quest, determined to soak up every bit of curly hair trivia & education and continues to learn everything she can to perfect and enrich her skill for naturally curly hair.  She has visited many curly salons, learning even more curl techniques. With her husband, four children and many mentors by her side … in 2013, Planet Curls was born!

Her goal and Planet Curls dream is for every person to make peace with their natural texture and fall in love with it !!!! Gerri is known throughout Houston as a leading curly hair expert.  From curly hair cuts, highlights, to no-heat treatments for those beautiful curls … come in today and expect to learn something new from Gerri!