Charlie Curtis, Deva Certified curly hair stylist, and graffiti wall


Charlie is a passionate, young stylist. He is an artist as well. Growing up Charlie spent a lot of his time in the salon along his mother’s side. His first job in the salon was at 15 sweeping and folding towels. While in beauty school he apprenticed his mother, Gerri Curtis, who was fascinated by curly hair which inspired Charlie to have the passion for curls as well. Being mentored by Gerri, he traveled to many of the industries top hair shows where he learned a lot of his techniques. In 2012, he spent time in New York where he apprenticed at PANYC salon, and was trained by Shari Harbinger at the DevaChan Salon and became a Deva Certified Stylist. In 2013, he attended DevaChan’s advanced class in Los Angeles.

He believes that every client deserves to be listened to and, as a client in his chair, you will always receive a thorough and in-depth consultation in which he will work with you to create a style individualized to your needs.

He is brilliant at educating his clients on the proper care of their curls. Charlie’s goal is to send his clients home with the skills to make their everyday hair look just as amazing as when they left the salon! Charlie loves doing all types of hair, but has a soft spot for curly hair and focuses on curls.  He loves for his clients to embrace their natural texture, whether it be straight, loose waves, tight corkscrew curls, or anything in between. He is extremely dedicated to giving his clients their desired look while keeping their hair healthy, happy and vivacious!